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Job description: Shop Worker (July 2023)

The aim of The Headingley Greengrocer is to be a successful independent community business run as part of Headingley Development Trust. It aims

  • to provide high quality produce and source that produce, whenever possible, from local producers;
  • to deliver an excellent service to the local community and local businesses, putting the needs of the customer first and treating them and other staff members with respect;
  • to follow sustainable and environmentally friendly principles whenever possible, in order to reduce waste and dependence on single use plastic alongside recycling and reduction of carbon emissions.

Shop Worker Tasks

    1. Ensure stock is displayed to maximum advantage, or stored appropriately.
    2. Keep shelves and racking filled with stock.
    3. Serve customers: greet them, help them find the stock they need and serve them cheerfully as required
    4. Assist in keeping the premises clean and neat
    5. Make sure the kitchen area is kept clean and tidy and all cups are washed after use at the end of the shift.
    6. Help close down shop, storing stock and shelving appropriately and ensuring premises left ready for the next day's trading.
    7. Carry out any reasonable and related tasks as the manager requires.
    8. Each staff member is required to complete a weekly timesheet and leave in the office by 4pm each Saturday. It is on the basis of the completed timesheet that wages will be paid.


    1. The post holder is expected to comply with any necessary health and safety procedures relating to Covid 19 - this will include as required, wearing a face mask and ensuring compliance of requirements by shop customers.
    2. To respect other colleagues by supporting them in the smooth running of the shop; taking the initiative in keeping the shelves filled, the shop clean and tidy, arriving on time and giving adequate notice by text or email of any absence or illness to the manager.
    3. To take all reasonable care to promote the health and safety at work of yourself and your colleagues, and report anything that is unsafe to the manager.
    4. To pass on any particular customers requests re ordering or bulk buying to the manager.
    5. To represent the business positively - by wearing the uniform provided and not to use mobile phones whilst behind the till. Phones can be used for emergency calls, or for urgent other business, but not for social or recreational use whilst working. There should be no conversations in front of customers or on social media about customers, management or confidential business matters.

    Pay will be 10.50 per hour for those 23+ and for younger workers the appropriate minimum wage. Interested candidates should email the manager, Kathy Beels, explaining why they would be suitable for the post and attaching a CV and the names of two referees by first thing Thursday 20th July.



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