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Do we supply to local businesses?
Yes - we currently supply to some local cafes, takeaways and HEART and to some local offices. If you are interested then please contact the shop.

Where is our produce sourced?
The majority comes from the main Leeds Wholesaler Gilbert Thompson. We also have a contract with Whiteleys in Pudsey for seasonal produce such as rhubarb, salad leaves, kale and some plants. We are always on the look out for local suppliers of other produce - so please contact us if you have something to offer.

Why are there no Fairtrade Bananas in the shop?
The big supermarkets have a monopoly on the fairtrade bananas imported so that means there aren't any available to local wholesalers. Our bananas are sourced from producers who are part of the Rainforest Alliance.

Do we provide any organic produce?
We do not provide certified organic produce at the moment, though that could change in the future. The wholesale system for certified organic produce is very different. In addition, to say something is organic means by law that the grower must be certified by the Soil Association. However, we do sell produce e.g. from Whiteleys which grows in the traditional way. As well as being very local, and therefore with much reduced food miles, their produce is not grown or sprayed intensively.

Why do we still have produce in plastic cartons?
It is not always possible to get produce without the packaging, although we try whenever possible. They are packaged for protection by wholesaler to ensure that produce is not damaged in transit

What do we do with our surplus produce?
Every Friday we give any surplus to the Pay as Your Feel cafe run by Rainbow Junktion at All Hallows church in Hyde Park.

What do we do with our compostable waste?
We have a contract with Plate to Plate - small local business who collect waste and turn it into compost and sells at Headingley Farmers Market and other outlets.

Are we planning to do deliveries?
We are exploring the feasibility of deliveries to see whether we can make them economically viable and logistically possible.


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